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About us

Axel Thoms UK is the European based office for our German manufactured  Evacuation Systems, an established company, with over 27 years of experience we have over 6000 evacuation systems installed in 89 different countries worldwide.


Axel Thoms UK supply life saving evacuation systems to the Oil & Gas industry, Public and Commercial sector and have been awarded contracts to supply the British Nuclear Industry.


Each Evacuation System is bespoke engineered to meet the individual requirements of a client’s project, from Initial site survey & Structural analysis through to our Professionally qualified engineering team to Install & commission the systems into service together with Client familiarisation & training.


By incorporating the Axel Thoms Evacuation System into a building design & offering an alternative means of escape was an incident to occur due to Fire, Terrorism, Earthquake etc, the Axel Thoms Evacuation Systems offers a direct external route from the hazard, removing the increase of risk to life of emergency services.


Time including deployment of the Axel Thoms Evacuation System to personnel being safe at ground is just 60 seconds; the system is engineered with the ability to evacuate 14 personnel from a distance of 20 meters in just 2 minutes.


Evacuation System Benefits – removing the hazard & need to travel through a burning smoke fuelled environment or risk of building collapse, Reducing the risk to emergency services entering a hazardous situation to assist in evacuation.